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ZEO Geisha by Diego Bermudez

ZEO Geisha by Diego Bermudez



  • Notes:
  • Process:
  • Score: 89.75
  • Varietal: Giesha
  • Altitude: 1960masl

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More About ZEO Geisha by Diego Bermudez

This one is mindblowing. No jokes.

This Geisha was grown at Finca El Paraíso, located at an altitude of 1960masl. Each tree was hand-selected and selectively grown in order to perfectly cultivate the clean, complex, floral, and fruity qualities the Geisha is known for.

Cherries are harvested only at peak ripeness before being processed in literally the most insane way.

First the cherries are immersed in an ozone disinfection tank to remove impurities and unwanted microbes. They are then FROZEN at -40°C within 4hrs.

The frozen fruit moves to a drying chamber where a combination of zeolites (a mineral with high capacity of absorption) and negative pressure rapidly dehydrate the coffee cherry.

This process preserves the structure, colour and natural flavours of the Geisha in its truest form – as a fruit – and is currently the only known process that also preserves the structure of the coffee cherry's vitamins and antioxidants. And to quote the processing genius: "This is the closest experience you can have to tasting a coffee fruit straight from the tree in your cup."

Extremely limited quantities available.