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Y-05 by El Paraíso

Y-05 by El Paraíso



  • Notes:
  • Process: Anaerobic, Double, Thermal Shock
  • Score: 88
  • Varietal: Castillo
  • Altitude: 1850masl

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More About Y-05 by El Paraíso

This one is a fan favourite and personal favourite from one of our favourite experimental producers, Diego Bermudez.

Not unlike his other coffees, Diego predetermines a target flavour profile and then crafts a processing technique to achieve that profile. The process is meticulous and always result in a mind-bending cup of coffee.

For this one, the usual picking of perfectly ripe fruit, ozone disinfection, and then a 72hr submerged anaerobic fermentation. Next, the coffee is pulped and demucilaginated, removing the mucilage and pulp. The mucilage and pulp are taken to the pilot plant to produce specific microorganisms for the process and generate a culture medium containing precursors of the aromas and flavours produced in fermentation. This culture medium is then added to the fermentation tanks for 36hrs to affix the precursors to the coffee beans through pressure. A thermal shock process is carried out to further fix a greater amount of precursors and properly seal the coffee for drying. The beans are dried in a dehumidifier, removing moisture while preserving the soft notes of the coffee and avoiding over-oxidation of the seed, which stops metabolic processes to prevent over-fermentation. The coffee is then stabilised and stored in a cool place before final selection and threshing according to quality standards.