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Nestor Lasso 36hr Mosto Washed Tabi

Nestor Lasso 36hr Mosto Washed Tabi



  • Notes:
  • Process: Alcoholic, Anaerobic, Washed
  • Score: 87.5
  • Varietal: Tabi
  • Altitude: 1780masl

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More About Nestor Lasso 36hr Mosto Washed Tabi

This semi-washed process from the El Diviso farm begins with a floating process to select only the fully ripe cherries. They then undergo an anaerobic fermentation inside cans for 80hrs at temperatures between 16-18°C. Next, the cherries are transferred to a big tank where an oxidation process takes place over 25hrs.

The coffee beans are then pulped and oxidised for 12hrs with their mucilage. Following this, the coffee enters a 36hrs submerged fermentation at 40°C. During this phase, the beans are occasionally stirred to keep the mixture homogeneous and help the leachates mix consistently. Approximately 50% of the mucilage is removed at this stage.

Finally, the coffee is dried in parabolic dryers for 18 to 24 days until the moisture level reaches 11%. The temperature inside the dryers never exceeds 30°C