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Nestor Lasso Double Anaerobic Red Bourbon

Nestor Lasso Double Anaerobic Red Bourbon



  • Notes: Huge and juicy with musk sweets, Turkish delight, plum, and tangerine lime
  • Process: Acetic, Anaerobic, Natural
  • Score: 88
  • Varietal: Red Bourbon
  • Altitude: 1800masl

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More About Nestor Lasso Double Anaerobic Red Bourbon

Same same but processed by a different brother – this is Nestor Lasso's processing on the same Red Bourbon processed by his brother, Adrian Lasso.

Hand-picked cherries are floated and only fully ripe ones are selected. They then get a 50°C thermal shock wash, followed by anaerobic fermentation in bags at 17°C for 70hrs. The cherries are then oxidised at up to 42°C in a tank for 28hrs and anaerobically fermented again at 16-20°C in 50kg bags for 30hrs.

Following this, the cherries are then soaked in a 45°C water and leachates mixture for 18hrs and occasionally stirred. Finally, the coffee is dried in a parabolic system at up to 32°C, stored at 18% moisture for 60hrs, then further dried to 11% moisture.