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Nestor Lasso Ethiopian Landrace

Nestor Lasso Ethiopian Landrace



  • Notes:
  • Process: Anaerobic, Lactic, Thermal Shock, Washed
  • Score: 87
  • Varietal: Ethiopian Landrace
  • Altitude: 1780masl

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More About Nestor Lasso Ethiopian Landrace

This washed process is a multi-step technique requiring careful control and monitoring at each step. First, only the fully ripe cherries are selected through a floating process. The cherries then undergo anaerobic fermentation sealed in cans for 40hrs at 16-18°C.

After this they're transferred to a large tank where they are oxidised for 20hrs. During this stage, the leachates are collected to be used later on. The cherries are then pulped and undergo a second 20hrs oxidation along with the mucilage. This initiates the fermentation process.

For the next phase, submerged fermentation happens at 39°C for 12hrs. Here, the previously collected leachates are added back to the coffee, which is stirred occasionally so that the liquids are a homogenous mixture. Though stirring occurs, the mucilage is not fully removed at this point. To complete the fermentation, the coffee is subjected to a thermal shock wash at 65-70°C.

Finally, the drying phase happens over 18-24 days in parabolic dryers until the moisture of the coffee reaches 11%. Throughout drying, the temperature is carefully maintained below 30°C.