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Nestor Lasso 60hr Caturra Chiroso

Nestor Lasso 60hr Caturra Chiroso



  • Notes: So sweeet with peach, apricot, cherry and a lingering finish like guava juice.
  • Process: Acetic, Anaerobic, Natural, Thermal Shock, Yeast Fermented
  • Score: 88.25
  • Varietal: Caturra Chiroso
  • Altitude: 1850masl

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More About Nestor Lasso 60hr Caturra Chiroso

Only the ripest cherries, measuring between 24-26°Bx, are hand-picked. The selected cherries then undergo a 48hrs oxidation process in plastic cans. Here, the cherries are mixed with their liquid extracts, lowering the pH to 4.5 by the end of the oxidation.

Next they're floated in cold water – around 10-12°C – to remove any impurities as well as hollow or unwanted materials. Following this, they're thermal shock washed in 50°C water and transferred to plastic cans for the 80hr anaerobic fermentation at 35°C. A specific yeast, Saccharomyces Cerevisiae yeast type T58 (commonly used in beer brewing) is sprayed onto the cherries at 1g per 5 kg of cherry prior to the fermentation.

Finally, the cherries are removed from the cans and dehydrated. First in a 12hrs mechanical drying system, then a 15 day parabolic drying system until the target moisture level is reached.