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Mbohang Lot #4 Palm Juice Cultured Anaerobic Natural

Mbohang Lot #4 Palm Juice Cultured Anaerobic Natural



  • Notes: Raspberry, pineapple, Frangelico, with honeyed figs, milk chocolate and cinnamon
  • Process: Anaerobic, Cultured, Natural
  • Score: 87
  • Varietal: Kartika, Typica, Yellow Caturra
  • Altitude: 1500masl

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More About Mbohang Lot #4 Palm Juice Cultured Anaerobic Natural

Tuang Coffee was founded by Andre Hamboer in 2014 in response to a growing need for fair farmer pay, transparency and better quality coffee in Manggarai. They provide training, tools, pre-financing, support and, ultimately, a fair price and market access to over 2000 coffee farmers of Manggarai and East Manggarai.

This lot comes from a 600 hectare farm in the Mbohang village (1500masl) that grows yellow caturra, typica and kartika using dried grass, leaves, and pulped cherry skins for organic fertiliser.

Cherries are picked and sent for processing in Ruteng where they are sorted for quality. A starter culture (created from palm juice which is fermented until it reaches 4.2 pH level, using a combination of local natural yeast, fungi and microbes) is sprayed onto the cherries before being placed inside tanks for anaerobic fermentation, for around 240 to 360 hours at an ambient temperature of 15-22°. Fermented cherries then go to the drying beds for around 7-8 weeks until the moisture level drops to 10% and then stored in sealed plastic bags and rested for around 3 months.