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La Lucuma Natural Marshell

La Lucuma Natural Marshell



  • Notes: Strawberry jam, candied orange, caramel, sweet and delicate, syrupy mouthfeel
  • Process: Natural
  • Score: 87.25
  • Varietal: Marshell
  • Altitude: 1750masl

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More About La Lucuma Natural Marshell

Don Marcelino Chinguel had been growing coffee for over forty years. Despite his experience, he is always willing to push the boundaries of coffee production, and this lot, the first Marshell varietal planted on his farm, represents that spirit.

Marshell is a recently discovered Bourbon-type strain, with uncertain origins: it may be a deliberate hybrid that escaped cultivation, or a spontaneous mutation. It is named after Marcelino, who discovered it on his farm.

Regardless of its genesis, Marshell has garnered considerable attention among coffee cultivators due to its robustness and high yield, complemented with a sophisticated and refined flavour profile.

After picking, the cherries are hand sorted, floated and left to rest for 16 hours before being dried on raised beds in a solar drier for 20 to 30 days.