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Fellows Anaerobic Natural by Inmaculada

Fellows Anaerobic Natural by Inmaculada



  • Notes: Fantastic! Passionfruit, tropical, clean, sweet, toffee
  • Process: Anaerobic, Natural
  • Score: 87
  • Varietal: Castillo
  • Altitude: 1600-1800masl

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More About Fellows Anaerobic Natural by Inmaculada

In 2022, Inmaculada Coffee Farms started the Fellow’s Farms Program to help farmers who were experiencing difficulties producing coffees due to climate change. Small batches of coffee cherries from neighbouring producers are purchased and processed, relieving the farmers of post-harvest processing costs. With Inmaculada’s guidance, farmers have been able to enhance their agronomical and picking practices, improve their quality, and are paid a bonus for the quality of cherries harvested.

The coffees in this lot were purchased from four producers: Monica Lisette, Morera Mosquera, Zoraya Ines Trujillo and Francia Astudillo.

Once the cherry arrives at the Inmaculada mill it undergoes a final sorting and cleaning followed by a 6 day anaerobic fermentation in sealed containers, where the pH and sugar levels are carefully monitored.

The coffee is then transferred to the drying house (where the team have implemented oreadors that use a vacuum system to evenly dry coffee). The initial drying is done for 48hrs without rotation and then for 15 days with rotations done 3 times a day.