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Fazenda Santa Hedwirges – Hugo Brito

Fazenda Santa Hedwirges – Hugo Brito



  • Notes: Praline, cranberry, orange, dark choc
  • Process: Natural
  • Score: 83.75
  • Varietal: Mundo Novo
  • Altitude: 900masl

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More About Fazenda Santa Hedwirges – Hugo Brito

Fazenda Santa Hedwirges in Sul de Minas, Brazil, has been producing coffee for over 90 years, and is now in the hands of Hugo Brito, a 4th generation coffee farmer. In order to promote biodiversity, the farm constantly implements sustainable environmental practices like sewage treatment, the correct use of pesticides, and planting native trees. There are 4 independent production centres on the estate, allowing them to separate the different micro climates and varietals from different parts of the farm.
They spent 4 years researching new drying technologies before finally choosing a style of static box that allows them dry the coffee in a controlled and slow manner, as well as move it once a day. All the systems are controlled through a computer program, which allows them to manage volumes, especially when the weather doesn’t favour patio drying.
This coffee is mechanically harvested and then the cherry is sorted. It is then sun-dried on patios for 19 days, which is longer than the usual 7-10 days in Brazil. This longer drying time allows the coffee to continue fermenting whilst on the patio, creating more prominent fruit flavours in the cup. After drying down to a moisture content of 11%, the coffee is rested for 10 days, before hulling and storage.