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El Arcángel Lactic Natural

El Arcángel Lactic Natural



  • Notes: Lemon sherbet, grapefruit, peach tea, effervescent acidity
  • Process: Lactic, Natural
  • Score: 86.5
  • Varietal: Red Caturra
  • Altitude: 1550masl

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More About El Arcángel Lactic Natural

El Arcángel (named after an unusually large and majestic tree that sits at the highest point of the farm, appearing to observe the land from on high, resembling the protector archangel) is one of 13 vertically integrated farms owned by the Rodriguez family.

The farm is located in Caranavi, the capital of Bolivian coffee, and is surrounded by the lush tropical and subtropical forest of the Yungas region. Red and yellow caturras are grown separately from the other varieties to preserve and highlight the distinctive qualities of each.

Post picking and sorting, the sugar-rich coffee cherries are anaerobically lacto-fermented. pH levels, temperature and oxygen are meticulously monitored to create the ideal environment for lactobacillus cultures to thrive and lead the fermentation process. The result: enhanced sensation of body in the coffee’s final taste profile.