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Bombe Dry Fermentation Washed Sidama

Bombe Dry Fermentation Washed Sidama



  • Notes: Earl Grey, apricot, gooseberry, dark chocolate, caramel, big and round.
  • Process: Dry Fermentation, Washed
  • Score: 87
  • Varietal: Heirloom
  • Altitude: 2000-2400masl

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More About Bombe Dry Fermentation Washed Sidama

Named after the the Bombe Mountains from where it is grown, this lot was processed at a wet mill run by experts, agronomist Atkilt Dejene (who worked with the award-winning Gesha Village project) and processing specialist Eyasu Bekele (who worked on the Reko Koba project).

Producers from Bombe as well as the Shantawene and Keramo communities deliver their best cherry to the Bombe site, where the lots are separated by quality. The cherries are then processed using a technique borne out of a collaboration between Daye Bensa and Los Volcanes Coffee in Guatemala: the dry-fermented washed process.

This is a variation of the traditional washed process, where no water is added to the tank during fermentation. The dry fermentation involves letting the coffee rest in climate controlled fermentation tanks after depulping. This warmer environment kickstarts a faster fermentation, resulting in a full and complex, red fruit flavour profile.