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Bensa Damo Washed Sidama

Bensa Damo Washed Sidama



  • Notes: Nectarine, black tea, lime, watermelon, chocolate biscuit, peach tea, gentle, structured acidity
  • Process: Washed
  • Score: 87.5
  • Varietal: Heirloom
  • Altitude: 1860-2160masl

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More About Bensa Damo Washed Sidama

Nestled on the fertile slopes of the towering Shanta Golba mountain in the heart of Sidama, the Damo Station was founded with the goal of processing the highest quality lots from the area and improving the livelihoods of the local farmers. They do this by paying them 20-30% above average prices and offering farming support.

Grown at 1860-2160masl, this year's lot contains a mix of the indigenous heirloom varieties 74110, 74112, and 74158, each contributing its own flavours - wild fruit notes, syrupy body, and floral fragrance paired with rich citrus undertones.

Following traditional practices, the coffee is grown organically under the shade of native trees. Only perfectly ripe red cherries are picked and sorted, and within hours of delivery at the station, the fruit is depulped and fermented in tanks for 48-72 hours. After careful washing, the parchment is set to dry on raised African beds for 12-15 days, followed by a 45 day rest in the local warehouse, before milling and hand sorting.