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Avatara – Hendra Maulizar

Avatara – Hendra Maulizar



  • Notes: Orange, green mango, caramel, cacao, black pepper
  • Process: Natural
  • Score: 85.5
  • Varietal: Gayo 1, Tim Tim
  • Altitude:

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More About Avatara – Hendra Maulizar

This washing station and farm belonging to Hendra Maulizar and his family is an island of specialty experimental processed coffee in a sea of conventional wet hulled coffee that the area is typically known for. Hendra’s father, Hamdan, moved to the area in 2006, and bought some land in the sub district of Pegasing to start growing coffee. His son Hendra started to work with his father in 2010, and began to experiment with washed coffees after researching old literature, and seeking help from others in Indonesia who were moving away from wet hulled processing.
Hendra and the family have invested heavily in the farm but more specifically the post harvesting facilities. They have built a small wet will with two pulpers, gravitational washing channels and several raised beds in large poly tunnels for drying the coffee.
Hendra has continued to experiment and now has around 8 – 10 different processes that he produces. The small washing station produces up to 40 tons of green coffee each year. The coffee is purchased from 70 farmers around the area who are incentivised to pick ripe cherry.