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Atunkaa Washed Sugarcane Decaf

Atunkaa Washed Sugarcane Decaf



  • Notes: Clean and round with almond, orange, and a long sweet caramel finish
  • Process: Decaf
  • Score: 84.5
  • Varietal: Bourbon, Castillo, Caturra, Tabi
  • Altitude: 1680-2050masl

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More About Atunkaa Washed Sugarcane Decaf

Collected from 18 growers in the Argelia region of Cauca, Colombia. The processing in this region has been standardised by agronomists at Siruma in order to help growers improve their coffee quality. Coffee is hand picked every 15-18 days to ensure only ripe cherries are collected. On the same afternoon, the coffee undergoes floating to wash away impurities and remove defective cherries. Cherries are pulped and left to ferment in mucilage in open tanks for 15-18hrs. Finally, the coffee is washed twice and dried until it reaches 10% moisture.

After drying, Siruma handles the dry milling process before sending the coffee to Descafecol for decaffeination.

Descafecol uses a natural decaffeination process without the use of chemicals.