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Aristobulo Rayo Geisha

Aristobulo Rayo Geisha



  • Notes:
  • Process: Washed
  • Score: 89
  • Varietal: Giesha
  • Altitude: 2050masl

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More About Aristobulo Rayo Geisha

Building on an old family tradition, Aristobulo has been growing coffee for 50 years. His 47ha farm, Finca La Victoria in Ortega, has a 10ha natural forest which he protects and only 8ha dedicated to coffee production.

Cherries for this lot are picked every 20 days on the farm, with premiums paid to pickers who select only fully ripe cherries. Once collected the coffee cherries are immediately pulped in a large wood and tile tank, where they begin a 24-hour fermentation. After this, they're washed three times before being taken to the drying station where they are dried using parabolic solar dryers on the roof of Aristobulo's home. For larger harvests, a silo is also used.