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Arbegona Natural Sidama

Arbegona Natural Sidama



  • Notes: Strawberry yogurt, mango, lychee, melon, bubblegum, mint, bright and juicy
  • Process: Natural
  • Score: 88
  • Varietal: Heirloom
  • Altitude: 2200masl

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More About Arbegona Natural Sidama

Arbegona, both the name of the highland area where this coffee was grown and the washing station at which it was processed, is situated at a extraordinarily high altitude of 2200masl. 391 farmers, with an average farm size of 3-5 hectares, contributed cherries to this lot.

Cherries are brought to the Arbegona washing station to undergo natural processing. They're floated, sorted by density and quality, transferred to mesh-covered African beds and rotated every 30 minutes for 12-15 days to ensure even drying and fermentation control. Dried cherries are then stored in warehouses for flavour development.