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Adrian Lasso Red Bourbon

Adrian Lasso Red Bourbon



  • Notes: Beautiful, bright with green apple, blood orange, mint and a bouquet of musk and rose florals
  • Process: Anaerobic, Natural
  • Score: 87.75
  • Varietal: Red Bourbon
  • Altitude: 1800masl

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More About Adrian Lasso Red Bourbon

Adrian’s natural processing method is an intricate multi-step process that brings out the full flavour of perfectly mature coffee cherries.

Only the finest cherries are floated, hand-sorted, and selected for this process. They first undergo an 18hr oxidation process at 25°C. Then a 16-18°C 70hr anaerobic ferment in plastic drums. The cherries are then transferred to flatter tanks, where they spend 28hrs in a hot room maintained between 38-42°C. Another round of anaerobic fermentation follows in 50kg plastic bags, for 30hrs at 16-18C° followed by a water submersion for 18hrs at 45°C in a mix of water and leachates collected from the previous processed batch.

Finally, the coffee is slowly dried in parabolic solar dryers, never exceeding a maximum of 32°C. Drying is paused at 18% moisture. The coffee is then stored in black bags in a dark room for 60hrs before returning to solar dryers until 11% moisture level is achieved.

Through careful control of temperature and timing, this natural process preserves and enhances the complex character of the coffee.