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Adrian Lasso Honey Sidra

Adrian Lasso Honey Sidra



  • Notes:
  • Process: Honey
  • Score: 87.5
  • Varietal: Sidra
  • Altitude: 1800masl

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More About Adrian Lasso Honey Sidra

The honey process begins on the farm, where coffee cherries are hand-picked carefully to select only the ripest cherries primed for honey processing. The cherries are then floated and under or over-ripe ones are removed from the lot.

Then, another one of Adrian's intricate processes follow:
– 12hr oxidation process at a room temperature of 25°C to begin the extraction of flavours.
– Anaerobic fermentation in plastic cans for 60hrs at 16-18°C.
– Moved pulping tanks for and 18hr oxidation. After which the leachates of the coffee are collected and stored for later use.
– The coffee is then fully pulped to remove the beans and oxidated for another 32hrs where the leachates are added back in.
– Finally, the coffee is dried in parabolic solar dryers set to a temperature of 30°C over approximately 20 days to remove the remaining moisture down to the 11%.